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SBA Funding for New Business

Get Fast SBA Funding For Your Business

These loans are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration because of this they offer some of the lowest rates on the market as well as long repayment terms and the ability to borrow up to $5 million. Repayment ranges from 7- 25 years based upon how you plan to use the money. SBA loans are best for strong credit borrowers who have been operating for 2 years and are willing to work on the long application process to expand their business or refinance debt.


  • Lowest rates on the market 

  • Borrow as much as $5 million

  • Longer repayment terms 7-25 years


  • Long application process 

  • More qualifications required

Best for:

  • Expanding businesses or refinancing debt 

  • Business with good credit willing to wait for funding


Our 3 Step Process:

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1. Apply

Fill out our Quick Apply application.

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2. We review your application

We review your goals and present you with programs matching your needs, getting an offer in 24 hours.

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3. Receive funding

Choose the program that fits you best and receive funding within 48 hours.

An Overview of Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan

If you are a company owner with a growth strategy and a good credit history, consider applying for SBA funding for your new business. These government-backed loans, SBA Loans for Startups, have some of the lowest interest rates on the market and long payback durations (7–25 years). Even up to $5 million in finance is available to you. But, in contrast to typical loans, be ready for a lengthier application procedure and more stringent requirements. The ideal candidates for SBA loans are well-established companies wishing to grow, pay off debt, or make large investments. Even if there may be a lengthier wait, the advantages of competitive rates and flexible payback plans may significantly increase the revenue of your company.

How Do Small Business Administration Loans Work? 

The government guarantees SBA loans rather than issuing them. A bank or credit union processes your application and then requests the SBA's guarantee. Lenders are more comfortable giving you favorable terms because of this support. The government pays the lender's losses if you are unable to repay the loan since the SBA itself guarantees a part of it. There is a catch, though: to be eligible, you need a strong business plan and decent credit. Long application processes are another possibility. But if you work hard, you may get a loan to support the expansion of your firm with a lengthy payback schedule (7–25 years) and a low-interest rate.

Types of SBA loans

There are several SBA loan programs available, each catering to different business needs. Here are the most common ones:

7(a) loan

This is the most versatile SBA loan, offering up to $5 million for various uses like working capital, expansion, or equipment purchase.

Express loan

Ideal for fast funding of up to $500,000 for similar purposes as the 7(a) loan.

504 loans

Focused on acquiring fixed assets like machinery or real estate for expansion, with a maximum loan amount of $5 million.

How is SBA funding different from traditional business loans?

Two main aspects of SBA funding for new businesses set it apart from regular loans: the conditions and the government guarantee. Conventional loans only consider your company's creditworthiness; they often call for substantial collateral, or assets used to secure the loan, as well as a solid credit history. However, since SBA loans for startup companies are partly backed by the government, lenders can provide longer payback periods (7–25 years) and cheaper interest rates to enterprises with less-than-perfect credit. This makes SBA Loans for Startups a viable choice for new businesses or those finding it difficult to be approved for conventional finance. SBA loan applications, however, usually include a longer and more involved application procedure.

Why Choose C Capital Loans LLC for SBA funding for your new business?

Launch your new business fast with C Capital Loan's SBA funding! We streamline the process with approvals in 24 hours and funding in days. Our straightforward application requires minimal paperwork, and poor credit will not hold you back – we look beyond the score. We offer flexible options to match your specific business needs, and a dedicated funding manager will guide you every step of the way. Apply for free today with no obligation – it's that simple!


Q 1. How Can I Get SBA Funding for My New Business?

A. Obtaining money from the SBA takes multiple procedures. First, choose which SBA loan program best suits your requirements by doing some research. Create a strong company strategy after that and compile your financial records. To locate a lender and handle their application procedure, use the SBA Lender Match service.

Q 2. What Documents Are Required to Get an SBA Loan for a New Business?

A. A voided check from your company bank account, a driver's license, bank statements, and a leasing agreement are often required papers, however, they might vary depending on the lender and loan program.

Q 3. How Long Does an SBA Loan Take to Get Approved?

A.  Timelines for SBA loan approval might vary based on the kind of loan, the volume of work for the lender, and how well-prepared your application is. It may last for two days or 48 hours. Prepare yourself and send in a well-written, thorough application.

Q 4. What Should I Do If My SBA Loan Application Is Rejected?

A.  Find out why you were denied by the SBA. Call the representative that you worked with for answers. Consider applying again after you have learned why you were denied the first time. You can also look at alternative lenders other than the SBA to finance your project.  

Ready to take the next step? With careful planning and the right support, SBA funding can help you achieve your business goals.

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